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hehe! Im a bit inspired today… My cousin texted me this morning about this quote that made me smile might as well share it ^_^


yun yung hindi ka marunong magcommute at tumawid..

pero nagagawa mu,

dahil magkikita kayo!

haha! Labet!


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You can call me Marcus. During the early years of my career I didn’t have a car.

In the company where I worked, there was this girl that I really liked named Margie. I really liked her because she had a positive outlook in life and would always bring joy and laughter everywhere she goes. Another thing is we look very much alike. People even said that we looked like twins!

Anyway, we started talking and became very good friends. One day, another guy started asking her out. OK lang sa akin yun dahil hindi pa naman “kami” noon. This other guy named Benedict was a student of a special course in a computer school and his daddy was rich so he had many cars to boot. So this guy would change cars everytime he brought her out every Saturday. Ako naman, I would ask her out every Sunday and we would commute to and from the malls or wherever I would treat her. Ang sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, well, at least pinagpaguran ko ang pinapang-treat ko sa iyo, hindi lang “bigay ng Daddy” yan kundi the fruits of my mind and body at work. So tuloy pa rin ako, I didn’t care if my rival has a car. I am a soldier, and I believe in audacity, always audacity (Napoleon Bonaparte).

Everyone of her friends were “voting” for Benedict, but it was so apparent that it was only because of the rides they can have in his car. Pero si Margie pa rin naman ang may say kung sino ang gusto niyang sagutin.

One day, Benedict bragged to his friends that “Sigurado akin na si Marge, tingnan mo si Marcus, sa Tricycle niya lang pasasakayin si Marge eh!” then they laughed. Hindi ko lang pinansin, sa isip isip ko “I know my daddy isn’t as rich materially as yours (because he is a soldier), but he gave me something worth more than all the world’s treasures – good values, strength of character and humility”.

Then one day nabalitaan ko na binasted na ni Margie si Benedict and she said she wanted to go out with me and me alone. My heart nearly burst as I was ecstatic as a rabbit! SO ako na ang naghahatid sa kanya pauwi araw araw (in the good old FX where she would rest her weary head on my shoulders and I would rub her back till she sleeps). Every Salary day I would treat her to a Taxi ride all the way to her home (and I would return by jeepney to mine) and we would both laugh our hearts out with our stories.

Finally, during one of those Taxi rides, I dunno what came over us but we kissed. Then we kissed again. I glanced at the rear view mirror and saw the driver with a silly grin. But we kissed again anyway. Then our fate was sealed-in a Taxi. I gave the driver a 100 peso tip and told him ang suwerte ng taxi niyo manong! And he said “pagpalain kayo ng Diyos, ingatan mo siya”… I almost cried with joy!

Then naging kami na talaga. I told her “Love, thank you sa pagpili mo sa akin. I know I wasn’t the best choice, but thank you so much”. SHe just said “You are the best choice” and winked …

Eventually the company gav me a car. Iba ang feeling kapag ganun. This car was built on a lot of sleepless nights and nerve wracking meetings, yells from the boss but still holding on. During that day she told me: “See, I knew na magkakaroon ka din niyan” …. Sabi ko “Kaya pala, car din pala” … she replied. Kahit CAR-iton lang ang maging property natin basta magkasama tayong dalawa, masaya na ako.

And so that’s the love story of the (then) carless Marcus and Margie.

I hope you liked our story!

– I like the story… hopefully in time mangyari naman sakin to oh. ang maka experience ng true love regardless of material things… yun lang eh solve na ko hehe

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